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Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding of William & Kate 246photo © 2011 Jens Rost | more info (via: Wylio)

Oh. I know. Everyone has a post today about their experience watching the wedding of Prince William and Catherine (I shan’t call her Kate – it’s the media did that to her. Her family calls her by her full name.)

I awoke this morning at 4AM  to don clothes and drive over to my dear friend Caroline’s house. It was quite dark at that hour, but some birds were already heralding the dawn. I arrived just before Paula and Anne so the three of us entered together. Caroline’s daughter was awake to join us but the men of the house had absented themselves. Off on some rugged adventure no doubt. (I believe a school camping trip.)

Thankfully Paula was wise to bring her Keurig coffee maker, as Caroline’s family doesn’t drink coffee. And at that hour, to drink anything less would be barbaric, really. Six or seven other friends arrived anon and we settled ourselves on the settee and poufs to watch the festivities on the telly.

Paula had printed a copy of the Official Programme from the Prince of Wales website for each of us (you can print your own here) so we were easily able to follow the proceedings without the help of the ubiquitous American announcers. As a group, we were delighted to see the number of people singing – really singing! – the hymns.

The menu was a delightful repast consisting of cucumber sandwiches, finger sandwiches, fresh fruit, heart-shaped shortbread cakes (cookies, to Americans) and a deliciously dense “pound of chocolate” cake. And coffee.

(I did mentioned the coffee, didn’t I?)

We delighted in the wide variety of hats although we all agreed at least that Prince Andrew’s daughters could have chosen better options. Couture as their outfits may have been, we think there certainly must have been more flattering choices for young women of their station.

We were all delighted at the loving, sidelong glances the bride and groom exchanged, as well as the poise and grace that Miss Middleton (now Duchess of Cambridge) exhibited throughout the morning. Some of us expressed slight concerned that William looked as if he was losing focus during the Address (sermon) but as luck would have it, his beloved roused him from his impending stupor (or so we suppose.)

After the balcony appearance (with two kisses!) we dispersed to tend to the tasks inherent in our various work days. Some to get children off to school, some to the office and some lucky ones (yours truly, for instance) to work from home. One prays that the lack of sleep will not much deter us from carrying out our daily service with our usual grace and good humor.

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