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Not-Fainthearted Meal Planning: Week 2

Well, as I said last week, the goal with this new career and life is to eat at home as much as possible and to do that in a mindful intentional way that maximizes leftover usage and nutrition.

Last week was pretty good, except that I ended up having to make the Slowcooker 21-ingrediant chili on Friday even though we ended up going out with an out-of-town friend who was suddenly in town. ‘Tis the season, I guess. And now I have a lot of chili stocked in the freezer.

Again, this plan is just for dinner with the idea that lunches will be leftovers and breakfasts are standard (cereal and coffee, usually.)

Here’s the plan for this week:

Saturday – 30 of us (!!) as I’m hosting a board of directors celebration for a small non-profit.
Soup potluck (Lentil Herb and Potato & Corn Chowder)

Sunday – 4 of us (DS1 is home!)

Monday – 4 of us
Stuffed pork chops
roasted sweet potatoes

Tuesday – 4 of us
21-ingredient chili from the freezer

Wednesday – 0 of us (eat at church, with their dad, or with the grief group;)

Thursday – 2 of us
Dinner out with a gift card

Friday – 4 of us (I had thought to have G’s kids over this night, but it didn’t work. So I’m cooking the holiday meal on Saturday.)
stuffed pasta shells
garlic bread

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  1. We’re in the process of making menus to avoid take out or eating at restaurants. The best part is that Nooze is helping with the menu making. At age 11, SHE is the healthiest eater of the 3 of us!

    • Must be something about 11 year-old girls. A woman from the corporate job has a girl that age and she tipped me off to mealsmatter.org not all the best recipes or suggestions but it beats staring at the empty refrigerator. Or the refrigerator that’s full of stuff but nothing that can be pulled together for an actual meal. Anyway, her daughter is the planner in her family, too.

      How’ve you been?