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Jaw dropping misogyny

It makes my head swim to think that anyone could actually speak such patently false “facts” in this day and age. One has to wonder which cave people who believe such fantasy live in.

As a woman, I find it horrifying to think that such blatant misogynists continue to hold such power in our country and are not instead ridiculed in the streets.

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I don’t care what you’re take on abortion is – these statements of Rep. Akin (R-Missouri) are pure misogynistic dreck from beginning to end.

This is the result of years of anti-intellectualism: that basic biology is ignored and magical thinking and wishing replaces it in the hearts and minds of the people who claim to the “leaders.”

I weep for our nation, that men like this can be elected, much less stand for re-election.

Missouri, you should be ashamed.

Author: Not Fainthearted

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  1. Missouri Republican here… The second I heard what Akin said I immediately went to his website and demanded that he step down from the race. I have made so many calls and emails, I’m exhausted and very upset. I don’t accept his apology and I don’t believe it was genuine, he believed what he said originally.

    However, as far as Missouri being ashamed… Missouri Republicans didn’t nominate this stupid man. Claire McCaskill, the incumbent Democrat did.

    Akin hardly did any advertising, Claire did it all… she spent millions throughly attacking all of his opponents and left him unscathed. Since she went uncontested in her race, she also had Democrats cross the party lines to vote for Akin in the primaries. She wanted to run against Akin because she knew he was an idiot.

    Once all of us began demanding that he step down, Claire came out on TV and was SHOCKED that the Republicans might take down their duly elected nominee, that’s wrong she said and she was going to stand by his right to run.

    While Claire is using TV advertising currently to attack him on other issues, she is now remaining silent on the rape issue because she doesn’t want to risk pushing it too far until absolutely nothing can be done to remove the man from the ballot. After that point passes, I’m sure we’re going to hear his stupid comments everyday in her ads.

    I have no Republican friends or family who voted for this man who acts like he just walked out of the middle ages. We all voted for Brunner or Steelman. Don’t lump Missouri Republican voters into something we had no hand in.

    • Tim, Thanks for commenting and being civil about it.

      You’re right. I shouldn’t lump all Missourians together on this, anymore than folks should blame all of us Minnesotans for the things that come out of Michele Bachman’s mouth.