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A few things NOT to say

DH was told a couple of weeks ago that the organization he works for (for 30 years!) would be closing his store at the end of the calendar year.

He was not given a choice about another position in the organization, simply given a severance package. (Believe me, we’re grateful for that! Even though I doubt we’ll be able to afford COBRA.)

He was also told he couldn’t say anything (including to his employees) until the decision was ratified by the board at the end of the month and¬†publicly¬†announced. Fair enough. That’s sort of standard operating procedure. Painful, but true.

The announcement was made public earlier this week. Below are a few phrases that “good church people” have uttered in response to the news. Feel free to delete these completely from your repertoire.

  • Well, he had to have known it was coming, right? (said with a big grin)
  • God’s plan is best; His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. (WTF?)
  • We will have to find other ties that bind (clearly, we know too many dementia patients)
  • Can’t he just stay home and putter around the house? (Have you MET him? He’d be dead within the year; Either from people¬†withdrawal¬†or from a puttering accident.)

Author: Not Fainthearted

A paradox wrapped in an enigma playing the accordion. I'm a sinner-saint, child of God working at the cross-roads of church and world. A Deaconess called to connect people living near the center with people on the edge and to help your life sing (literally and figuratively) while doing it. People don't always get the deaconess part. Could be the swearing, the corporate job, or the wine.


  1. thanks for the prayers, renn.

    I share the story because I really feel called lately to point out that “church” people aren’t any different than unchurch people. We all are just bumbling along as best we can.

    Having realistic expectations about how people are going to be able to react to something helps one not get hurt additional reasons.

    But I also share the story to debunk some pretty unhealthy and unhelpful theology that goes around sometimes.

    And I share to vent. Because I’m pretty human too. ;-)


  2. Sometimes, in spite of themselves, church people can say some stupid stuff. *sigh* I’m sorry that he will be losing his job. Especially at the end of the year. I don’t know about your area, but it’s harder to find work here during the winter time.

    Best wishes (and prayers) for something wonderful to open up for him.