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What is your favourite way to recharge?



Like asking me to name my favorite song, or food, I don’t have just one way to recharge my batteries. When I’m able to go like the proverbial “energizer bunny” I’m usually employing at least several techniques:

  • First thing in the morning, please don’t ask me to be coherent until I’ve had a cup or so of coffee. In an extreme need I can go without, but not for long. In fact, if I don’t have about 1.5 cups of coffee by 10:30 in the morning I’ll have a raging migraine by noon.
  • If it’s my motivational batteries that are low I do a lot better if I listen to some music. Not just any music, but just about any music. It can’t be something I’m prepping to conduct, for instance. That’s just work. And it can’t be something I consider as “adding to the darkness.” You know what kind of that music that is. Anything that promotes through it’s sound or lyrics violence and anger. That’s not to say a good protest song doesn’t do it for me. But songs glorifying¬†misogyny, murder, bullying, racism, etc is not going to help me feel energized.On the other hand, it doesn’t matter if it’s classical, pop or something else (yes, even occasionally¬†country music).¬†I’ll often feel better even when I’m not trying to.

    I have a specific playlist that I’ve called “Get Happy Dammit” that can almost always be counted on to give me a second wind.

  • Listening to music is something that I have to rely on when I’m doing other things. For a real energy boost I can count on making music. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve dragged myself to a rehearsal only to leave flying high and sometimes even having a hard time falling to sleep!
  • If my batteries are low because of insomnia – which I suffer from far too often – it’s a nap that does the trick. I’ve been to sleep clinic and they’ve ruled out apnea and restless leg. I’ve cleaned up my “sleep hygiene” and I’m doing lots better. I allow myself one day a week to take an afternoon nap – Sunday after church. And there are weeks when I sink so deeply into the bed that I don’t roll over for a couple of hours. ¬†It’s a luxury and a pampering that I look forward to.
  • I know that I’m still an extrovert when I find myself with more energy after a meeting or conversation with friends. That interaction with others raises my spirits and gives me a bit of an energy burst – although it doesn’t last as long as it used to.
  • More and more, the best way to recharge for me as I get older is to spend time in contemplation and prayer. More about that in another post.

Author: Not Fainthearted

A paradox wrapped in an enigma playing the accordion. I'm a sinner-saint, child of God working at the cross-roads of church and world. A Deaconess called to connect people living near the center with people on the edge and to help your life sing (literally and figuratively) while doing it. People don't always get the deaconess part. Could be the swearing, the corporate job, or the wine.


  1. Great post! I love your explanation of the music that energizes you! I personally love country music, especially the newer,really upbeat stuff. That and contemporary Christian music tend to be my go to songs for a pick me up. :)

  2. Coffee, tea, caffiene is a must! My husband thinks I don’t have any humor before my morning caffiene kicks in. I think he’s the one who’s not funny.

    • Hi Noel, Yeah G (a.k.a. my Darling Husband) thinks it’s hilarious to talk to me before I’ve had coffee. He’s the only one laughing usually.
      Happy 2013 and thanks for stopping by!

  3. It is a rare treat to get a nap, and I am thinking it is something that I should do on a Sunday like you mentioned. My work week is so early and I think it would be good for me. I find prayer to be relaxing and when I sit still long enough to pray a decade of my rosary, I am at peace.

    • Hi Winnie, Thanks for stopping by. Contemplative prayer like the rosary does take some practice, doesn’t it? I guess that’s not so different from many other kinds of meditation practices, but I’m always surprised at how hard it can be sometimes to just sit still. Happy 2013!

  4. Mentioning about how prayer and contemplation is the best way to recharge gave me the oh-yeah-why-did-i-forget moment! One of my energizers is to visit this Adoration Chapel and just sit down, be in the moment, free my mind and feel the Lord…

    Happy New Year! Marie from the NaBloPoMo soup