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So now that my DH is laid off, I talked him into taking a J-term class at the sem (since it is a sponsored class and we wouldn’t actually have to pay for anything besides his books.)

The first week or so is an online component. The problem is that it turns out he’s a bit of a procrastinator. Since he doesn’t have a work laptop anymore we’re sharing my computer. He’s had an assignment due since Sunday so I’ve been trying to stay off the computer so he can do his assignment.

As a result, I’m pecking this out on my phone.

Real first world problem, huh?

Author: Not Fainthearted

A paradox wrapped in an enigma playing the accordion. I'm a sinner-saint, child of God working at the cross-roads of church and world. A Deaconess called to connect people living near the center with people on the edge and to help your life sing (literally and figuratively) while doing it. People don't always get the deaconess part. Could be the swearing, the corporate job, or the wine.

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  1. Praying that he isn’t out of work long and that sharing the computer is as tough as it gets! :)