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CPE defined

Austere wondered what it was, so here’s a little explanation. CPE is Clinical Pastoral Education. Hands-on chaplain training. One could do this training at a hospital, a nursing home, a correctional facility or a rehabilitation center. Basically, it’s practice supporting people in their spiritual lives during times of crisis. I’m doing I did my unit at University of Minnesota Medical Center (the fall semester of 2006) which means that lots of the patients were really seriously ill and came here from long distances because their local health facilities aren’t up to treating them.


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  2. Hey! Was just reading your blog and saw that you’re training as a chaplain in a hospital.

    I never realized the value of the hospital chaplain, though I am religious, until a few weeks ago when my then 3-mo. old son was in the ER for breathing problems. One of the chaplains-in-training sat with me until my husband got there and listened to me, prayed with me, etc.

    I’m sure you know that what you’re doing is a good thing, but I just thought I’d throw my two cents in to say how much what you’re doing is needed and appreciated.

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